Franzi Never Sleeps – The NY Diaries go South – Week 8

Here we go again and it has become time to leave the city behind for a little bit and head south. That is exactly what I did for spring break back in March and I was joined by my partner in crime aka Thing 2 aka Franzi. And because this week is quite different from my normal New York craziness I will just take you through it day by day, from March 9 to 18. Let’s go!

Friday, March 9: New York to Nashville

Our trip started with a horribly early flight to Nashville, TN where the first thing we needed to do was – of course – get breakfast at Dunn Brothers Coffee downtown. What followed was the worst (and sweetest) acai bowl I have ever tasted and my decision to henceforth go with the Southern flow and go with the greasy classics instead of my pseudo healthy NY favorites. After checking in to our airbnb, we went on to explore the city. From Parthenon (yep, let’s just shamelessly copy the Greek) to the waterfront (accompanied by burritos for lunch) and Broadway, where you find western stores and country bars galore – aka the heart of Nashville. We spent the evening at one of these, Honky Tonk, listened to super fun live music and had the yummiest cocktail, which literally tasted like a Key Lime Pie. The night ended with a very interesting uber pool ride home, which we shared with a middle-aged couple of which the husband was super drunk and bleeding from tripping over on the sidewalk. Oh well…

About Nashville: Totally worth spending a night with live country music on Broadway, but other than that not necessarily the most interesting place to be.

Saturday, March 10: Nashville to Atlanta

Most of that day was spent on a Megabus where the wifi „may or may not be working“ (it didn’t) on our way to Atlanta. Upon our arrival, we had a late lunch at Hudson Grille with a waitress who really wanted to make sure that Franzi was OK (about 2899835 times) and took an Uber to our next Airbnb, almost didn’t make it in, finally did and spent the evening watching a weird an creepy movie, „What Happened to Monday?“.

Sunday, March 11: Atlanta

It was a rainy day, but we made the most of it! We started at the ABC (Atlanta Breakfast Club) with biscuits, grits, pancakes and more (soooo good!), went to the Civil Rights Center, the Martin Luther King National Park Sights and ended at a mall that coincidentally housed a Cheesecake Factory as well. Fried Mac & Cheese and Mango Key Lime Cheesecake simply make every day amazing. The evening entertainment was our start at Orange Is the New Black (super late, I know), which I actually really liked.

About Atlanta: Still not my favorite city, but the things we did this time were all super interesting and especially the Civil Rights Center should be way more popular than it seems to be.

Monday, March 12: Atlanta to Orlando

Next bus day (no wifi yet again), being dropped off in the middle of nowhere near Orlando, finally finding a (very nice) Mexican place to eat in downtown Orlando (don’t ask how many burritos we had that week), checking into our Airbnb (you know the drill by now), shopping for the perfect bag and going to bed, excited for what was to come…

Tuesday, March 13: Universal Studios, Orlando

…our day at the „Island of Adventures“ at Universal Studios. And how do you start a successful day there – yep, with a stop at Cinnabon, loveliest cinnamon roles and my other true love next to the Cheesecake Factory. Well nourished, we headed to Hogwarts with the coolest Harry Potter ride went on to Hulk, Spiderman, Jurassic Park splashy thing, the Lost Continent and the best one of all… Dr. Seuss World where we officially became Thing 1 & Think 2. Sounds like the perfect day? We made it even better – with dinner at Olive Garden. Vacation Life  <3

About Universal Studios: Can’t compete with what’s to follow, but still a super fun place and I lovelovelove their Harry Potter rides.

Wednesday, March 14: Disney World aka the happiest place on earth

If Tuesday was the perfect day, there are no words to describe our excitement and happiness at Disney World. We started bright and early, took a ferry into the park, had breakfast at Starbucks, got sparkly Minnie ears and were all ready to go. Go onto Thunder Mountain, the Haunted Mansion, Rapunzel’s tower, It’s a Small World (which one of us wasn’t as excited about as the other one), meeting Arielle (which the other person was way more excited about), Beauty and the Beast, the funnest ride of all, Splash Mountain, Mickey’s PhilHarMagic, the Seven Dwarves, the Carousel of Progress, ate a Pineapple Dole Whip, saw the FireWorks and a light show.

About Disney World: Totally overwhelmed as usual but also totally excited, in love and simply as happy as one could be.

Thursday, March 15: Orlando to Miami

Last bus trip for the trip and our southernmost destination – super sunny and spring break crazy Miami. What we did? Check in to our hostel and off we were for the beach. Which is basically where we spent the next two days as well – watching selfie takers, Instagram boyfriends, promoters, college kids, sun lovers and all the other characters you encounter by the beach.

Friday, March 16: Miami

As mentioned, we spent the day by the beach and the night at a club to celebrate my birthday. Or so we thought. The reality: embarrassing drunk Americans, an empty club and equally empty bar and us heading home earlier and more sober than we had planned. Party in the USA gone wrong, pt. 18519857 (or so it feels).

Saturday, March 17: Miami and happy birthday!

Another perfect vacation day: sunny, hot, hours at the beach with an amazing book („Girl Wash Your Face“ by Rachel Hollis), froyo for lunch, pasta and wine for dinner. What more could you ask for?

About Miami: The weather is great, the South Beach Architecture beautiful, the beach nice and then there’s the people aka spring breakers. And one can’t help but ask: What’s wrong with America?

Sunday, March 18: Miami to New York City

And just like that, our vacation was over. Another early morning, another flight (watching „The Shape of Water“ 10/10 recommend) and we were back in freezing NYC. And had to say goodbye to each other, neither of us ready for reality. Miss you, Thing 2 and can’t wait for our next adventure! :*

Until next time back in NY, Franzi

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