Franzi Never Sleeps – The New York Diaries – Weeks 5 – 7

After almost deciding not to blog anymore, a talk with my brunch/NY/life in general buddy Carina motivated me to get back to it (just to have this site as something to look back on and remind me of the amazing time here), so I will try to catch up on the weeks I missed and get back to a somewhat regular schedule (we will see what that means…). I wrote the intro to this post right after spring break (March 18), but wanted to share it anyway along with more indulgences and New York love. Here we go:

I am back! Back from spring break, back to New York, back in the cold, back to reality. If that sounds melancholic to slightly bitter, it is because I just got back from a lovely vacation and am missing time off, the beach and my travel buddy, name and soul mate like crazy! But this will all be covered in the next post, so here is my round up of the 3 (more like 2.5) weeks before the break that will hopefully remind me of how great life in NYC is and prepare me for the upcoming, dreaded Monday. Here we go from February 17-March 8:

Café Discoveries:

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters: Strolled in on a snowy Saturday, sat down and just stayed and chatted for a looong time. Not the most cozy café, but the coffee was good and it is close to campus so I should definitely return soon.

Café Cluny: So much love for this West Village spot. I ate here with afore mentioned brunch buddy and fell in love with the neighborhood, the food, the atmosphere. And the sugar bowl. ;)

Pret A Manger: Not very local, insider-ish or anything, but they do have really nice locations and I always enjoy sitting there and chatting (once again).

FIKA: Everyone loves Scandinavia and that is why you have to love FIKA. Super white, super clean, but somehow still quite cozy. One of the last times I met with Lu before she left, but I could also see myself come here for work, if it wasn’t super far uptown.

Bluestone Lane: Not sure if I mentioned this place before, but their avocado toast was my savior on one of the worst days I’ve head here so far.

Starbucks: I know, not a new discovery, BUT Wednesday, February 28 was the day I completely fell in love with their Iced Almond Cinnamon Macchiato (might be the wrong order). And I’ve waited for warm days ever since to return to iced drinks…

Peete’s Coffee: Another chain I believe I haven’t mentioned yet – located inside my favorite uni building which is why I stop by quite a lot for coffee, chai, a muffin or a salad.

Amy’s Bakery: Stopped by this place on the first day I was reunited with my name twin Franzi (for further reference: „The Fränzis“ posts on this blog ;)), loved the coffee, loved the pastries, loved the location.

Sunburst Espresso: Came here for a study date and paper writing on a snow day (btw, it was March by then). Not the most beautiful place, but nice atmosphere to work and delicious mocca to keep me going.


Wow, I DO spend a lot of time in coffee shops…

Sights Seen:

The piano man in Washington Square Park: Studying at NYU, this seems like a must and was one of these surreal, fun and heartwarming New York experiences.

9/11 Memorial Museum: Pay what you wish on Tuesdays after 5, so we took a stroll downtown and visited the museum. It was intense, heavy, thought provoking and emotional, but I strongly recommend going there when you are in New York.

New York Public Library: Although I had been there before, the main reading room was always under construction, so this was my first time seeing it. Not the most beautiful library ever (spoiled by Dublin), but still really nice and I also spend an afternoon working there and it’s definitely a great spot in Midtown for that. PS: There’s also an Amy’s Bread cart in the lobby, so you could combine the two…

New York City Ballet: Not really a sight, but this was definitely on my bucket list. I enjoyed it, but somehow liked the ABT more (might be as I follow basically ALL of their dancers and adore them…)

The Highline: A classic, but always worth a visit on a sunny day.

NYU Stuff:

Field Trips: With my fashion class, I went on two field trips to the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn and the warehouse of a NY fashion label – both super interesting experiences that took me to new parts of the city and almost made me forget about the downsides of studying in the US…

Papers. Presentations. Midterms. More Papers. And it won’t stop…

Other Things that happened:

It was warm enough to have a picknick in the park. On one day. There were several snow days as well and they just keep coming.

I was interviewed by my favorite (slightly biased) magazine, sisterMAG. You can listen to the podcast here.

I took a soul cycle-ish spinning class in Harlem. My life wasn’t completely transformed, but my butt hurt for a few days from the saddle.

I went to a fashion symposium at FIT and came back with lots of things to think about and a few girl crushes. Aimee Mullins. Lauren Chan. Iskra Lawrence. Emma McClendon. Dr. Joanne Entwistle. And Tim Gunn.

I saw Julia Engel at an event and she was just as beautiful and sweet as she is on Instagram.

I saw the filming of „Motherless Brooklyn“ around Washington Square Park and for a moment, felt like living in the 50s.

I watched the Carrie Diaries (still pretty obsessed with the show and the characters), Phantom Thread (beautiful, but disturbing ending), Call Me By Your Name (desperately want to read the book now) and the Oscars (with a very excited group of Americans and not so excited group of non-Americans).


I’ll try to keep it not too too long…

  • Georgetown Cupcakes – loved them in DC and the NY version didn’t disappoint either
  • Sangria 46 – yummy Sangria, very warm and authentic atmosphere
  • Urban Space Midtown – small food market, great for a quick lunch in Midtown
  • The Gibson – Brooklyn bar with nice Gin Tonics, don’t drink too many…
  • Kiin Thai – nice lunch close to campus
  • Brooklyn Diner – super yummy burger and nostalgic decor
  • Spaghetti Incident – homemade pasta love
  • Citizens of Chelsea – yet another brunch recommendation (I will do a round-up of these at the end of my stay)
  • The Grey Dog – and another one…
  • Wagamama – went their with their biggest fan (Fränzi <3) and enjoyed it although the staff was pretty unorganized and overwhelmed
  • Ben’s Cookies – Yum, I should go there again!

What’s to come:

  • Spring break travels to the South
  • Coming back to New York and trying to get back to business
  • More midterms, more visitors, more brunches
  • (Finally) falling for Brooklyn

Hopefully I’ll be back soon with my spring break adventures. Stay tuned! Cheers, Franzi

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