Franzi Never Sleeps – The New York Diaries – Week 4

After getting a gentle reminder (thanks, Toni!) today about whether I am still writing my blog, I thought it was about time for another post. This one will cover my fourth week in New York, February 10-16.

It was definitely a week full of excitement, meeting people, getting out of my comfort zone. Of course, it was also another week of working and studying a lot. I know that this is something I usually don’t address on my Insta Stories as it is not very exciting to see me sit in front of my laptop at odd hours during the night, snacking junk food to keep me motivated and questioning whyyy I wanted to study in the US.

As much as I love my classes, I could certainly go without weekly papers, midterm exams and required readings that professors actually follow up on. While most of these things are not very hard or even demanding to do, they do need to be done and most of all take a lot of time. And as long as my days stay as exciting as they are, work and studying will probably keep moving to late hours.

On a happy note though – luckily, there are also lots of advantages to being a student here (which make up for the studying), such as going to fashion shows and perfume stores for the NYU newspaper, visiting a concert at Carnegie Hall with international students or seeing La Bohème at the MET with people from my dorm. Stay tuned!

Café Discoveries:

Cha Cha Matcha: After oversleeping my last chance to go to this hipster/hyped/instagrammable matcha place, I made it there last Saturday. The result: nice place and decorations, cool selection of drinks, BUT I am still not the biggest matcha fan. Well, checked off the bucket list.


Bluestone Lane: Another place that I had seen on Instagram quite a bit and since it is between some of my class locations, I will definitely come back here. Went there on a Sunday for tea, will return for the avocado toast.

Third Rail Coffee: LOVED this place. It is a tiny place, I went there in the morning before class as I had to return a monopod from my fashion photographer life (read on). Feels like old New York, locals and the smell of fresh coffee when entering is simply amazing.


Sights Seen:

Whitney Museum: I didn’t really doubt whether I would like the Whitney Museum, but I have to say that I really loved it. Particularly, the exhibition „Where We Are: Selections from the Whitney’s Collection, 1900–1960“ was full of pieces that really spoke to me, my favorite being the Brooklyn Bridge painting by Joseph Stella.

Flushing, Queens: Something I love about having international friends is that they take you places you would have never gone on your own. Like Flushing. Basically a second Chinatown, located in Queens, where we felt like being somewhere much further from Manhattan than the 30 minute subway ride.

Culture Trip: 

Fashion Week: I know, this does probably not really count as culture, but I will just put it here anyway. I got to go to another three shows for the WSN.

The first one was Zang Toi – beautiful robes and floral patterns, but the guests all seemed very chi-chi (not sure if you can say that in English??). Older ladies with bleached hair, tons of make up, tons of botox and big fur coats. I also read an article about the designer making a donation to Trump before the elections to support him even though he can’t vote in the US. So there’s that.

Show #2 was LaQuan Smith the next day and I got into that one totally by accident. I had a ticket for the following show, but was early and the guy at the entrance didn’t get that and gave me a ticket for this show. So of course, I didn’t waste it and saw both shows. About Smith: the guests were definitely back to the young, fashionable crowd I had seen at the first show, the event took place at Spring Studios which is an amazing location and I really liked some of the pieces, however that rapper-cool, underground NY, smirky attitude is just not really my thing. But I enjoyed the experience.

Onto the last show and by far my favorite of them all – Leanne Marshall. Flowy robes, bright as well as nude tones, pleated fabrics, lace and glitter. Full on dreamy!!

Carnegie Hall: Beautiful concert, however the venue and especially the acoustics were a little underwhelming considering how famous this place is. (classical music snob thanks to my host family…)

MET: I haven’t seen much opera, but I feel like every time I do it is a truly special experience. And I loved La Bohème. The MET is going for a very classic production with HUGE sets and – it feels like – not many changes from the original. Makes you feel like being a starving artist in 19th century Paris yourself. And: it is so sad and romantic!!


Best/Most Surprising Moment:

Chelsea Market: My kind of nightmare – walking up to random people in a crowded place and asking them about a random movie. But that is exactly what I had set out to do on a rainy Saturday for an article. And so I did – and met the loveliest people ever, had great conversations and once again understood what I love so much about the American mentality.

Perfumarie: Also somewhere I had to go for an article and a really fun experience when hunting for that perfect fragrance. You can also read the full text on it here.

NYU Life:

First midterm which hopefully went well, first grade which surprisingly went well, ballet class with the nicest people and getting to know „real Americans“ ;) And free pizza. Pretty good week, I’d say.


I feel like this post is getting incredibly long, so I will just list them:

  • Crepes at Chelsea Market – overpriced, but delicious (aka almost all food in NY)
  • 99 Flavors – Chinese Hot Pot and Korean BBQ in Flushing – LOVED it, such a cool experience!
  • La Lanterna – very cheesy, but surprisingly boring lasagna
  • Dos Toros – treating myself to a burrito on Valentine’s Day. Like Chipotle better, though.
  • Pret A Manger – post Carnegie Hall wrap served with a great conversation thanks to Carina
  • Ono Bowls – served with the excitement of a booked flight also thanks to Carina ;)
  • Midtown Diner – this time a post opera wrap and it came with the weirdest, possibly psychopathic people, who had gone to the performance with our group. And suddenly, I was alone with them. And they were asking me about the translation of pick up lines involving bodies and death. Glad I made it out alive! The wrap was really good though.

What’s To Come: 

  • Going Out in NY 2.0
  • Saturday in Lower Manhattan
  • Brunch & West Village Love
  • Field Trip to Brooklyn
  • 9/11 Museum
  • 2 Days of Spring
  • Fashion Symposium

Not making any promises about the next post, except for: it will come! Have a lovely weekend and great week ahead, Franzi

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