Franzi Never Sleeps – The New York Diaries – Week 3

Welcome back and happy Fashion Week (and happy first on-time blogpost ;))!

While writing about energy and not finding rest last week, this week was a lot more about balance. There were nights with no sleep and lots of work. There were nights spent in or with friends. Early mornings and totally oversleeping on a Saturday. There were uni events and classes as well as Super Bowl and Fashion Week. Alone time and time with people who are becoming friends. There were days when the excitement started to wear off, moments of melancholy, being annoyed about rain or snow or just being tired. But there were also euphoric moments, checked off bucket lists, love for this city whenever I was leaving the house, dreams coming true.

Lots of little things coming together to another pretty big and exciting week 3 – here it is from February 3-9.

Café Discoveries:

Jack’s Wife Freda: One of many hyped brunch places in New York. And totally worth it! Delicious food and most of all a cozy atmosphere and super friendly staff. Even makes up  for a 45 minutes wait.


One Girl Cookies: Brunch lead to a walk to Brooklyn and since it was freezing cold we of course needed somewhere to warm up – One Girl Cookies in DUMBO came along. Calmer than Manhattan, a place for families as well as creatives. And: lovely hot chocolate.


Sights Seen:

Brooklyn Bridge: One of my favorite places in the city and being there with a (still) New York skeptic who might start to fall in love with it, is just magical – even if it is unbelievably cold.

West Village: Beautiful facades, cute little shops and fashion week – I’ll be back!

Best/Most Surprising Moment:

Super Bowl – although I am absolutely not into sports, watching the super bowl was a lot more fun than expected! Especially when we started to understand the rules and the last 20 minutes got pretty exciting to watch. Oh, and there were nachos…

Fashion Show – as part of the Washington Square News, I got to actually go to a show at New York Fashion Week. Three designers at Hongkong Fashion, but more than that about a hundred guests each more flamboyant and extravagant than the other. Sure of themselves. Fashionable. Just what New York feels like to me.

NYU Life:

First time doing laundry at my dorm, more papers to write, a pizza dinner for international students during which no one really talked to each other and donuts with more international students which was surprisingly fun and a lot more open. And group work in two of my classes – one of my favorite things, so let’s see how that will go…


Night In/Early Night: Not food related, but a very different kind of indulgence – doing nothing, staying home and (despite the title of this) sleeping was pretty nice. Occasionally. In between adventures.

Olive Tree Café: Back to food – this is where we spent the super bowl: cozy interior, drawings of New York on the walls and these nachos…

Panineria: Monday’s lunch spot – small, Italian and yummy sandwiches. <3

Sweetgreen: Yes, I mentioned it before. And I will probably mention it before!

Chipotle: Twice. One of these places that you just can’t get enough of.

Ramen Takumi: Right by Washington Square Park (which is where our classes are and therefore another perfect lunch spot or reward for whatever you accomplished in you classes (even just going).

Homemade Food: Friday night at the dorm, delicious curry, wine and nice conversations. Slowly feels like settling here.

What’s To Come:

  • Cha Cha Matcha
  • The Whitney Museum
  • A little trip to Queens
  • A concert at Carnegie Hall
  • First midterm

Ready for it? See you next week!

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