Franzi Never Sleeps – The New York Diaries – Week 2

Happy Friday! (didn’t she want to post on Sundays??… psst!)

Ready for Week 2? Another packed week – full of yummy foods, work, new people and slowly trying to settle in and finding a routine.

What I like most about New York? Its energy. If you have ever been to the city, you will know what I mean. People seem to be buzzing, striving, marching, running – never just walking through the streets. Everyone seems to have a purpose, a goal, seems to be part of the bigger picture that makes New York so unique and exciting. An while some people feel drained or even appalled by the speed and how hectic everything is, there are others who draw their own energy from precisely that. „There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless“, said Simone de Beauvoir and I couldn’t say it any better. Why sleep if there is always more to explore, always more to achieve and experience?

But of course, this energy, this excitement, also comes with downsides. Sometimes, you have to sleep. Sometimes, you have to stay in, watch a movie and enjoy your super soft and fluffy bed cover. And then there are WhatsApp group messages floating in from people going out, seemingly living their lives to the fullest. There are Insta stories being posted of people exploring even more, finding the perfect spots to be happy. There are all these people in front of your doorstep who are still striving and buzzing, who don’t rest, don’t sleep. It can be tricky to shut them out. To close your eyes and convince yourself that tomorrow, you will be a part of all that again. But for now: sleep.

And fresh and well rested, let me tell you about Week 2, January 27 – February 2.

Café Discoveries:

Kellogg’s Bar, Union Square: Literally just around the corner from my dorm did we go there for a „dorm trip“ and I was pleasantly surprised! Mixing the cereal with tons of different topics is fun, but also extremely overpriced. However, the atmosphere is super nice, there are different lounge corners and even hammocks!! Definitely recommend if you want to switch up a boring study day.

Sights Seen: Well, unfortunately, my second week was not really sight-heavy. No museums, but a quick trip to Times Square for a Monday night dinner as well as one through SoHo to the World Trade Center – does that count?

Best/Most Surprising Moment: Probably when I went to the Washington Square News (NYU newspaper) for their open house and was casually asked: „We also have lots to do for Fashion Week – would you like to support us covering the shows?“ Oh well, I guess if you really need someone…

NYU Life: Besides the newspaper, I also went to a Pinterest Party and the NYU Fashion Business Association meeting. I took advantage of free food, hung out at my favorite study spot as well as the study lounge of our dorm as well as the library. I actually studied – or more accurately read and wrote papers. A lot. I knew that the university system in the US is very different from what it is in Germany (not just concerning the cost!). Which means: so far, no week has gone by without me panicking about a paper for which I underestimated the 100+ pages required readings. But good news from future Franzi: Week 3 was already better and not quite as overwhelmed as #2. I’m getting there!

Indulgences: Oh where to start…

Dos Torros – similar to Chipotle a fast food Tex Mex place with Tacos & Co. Nice, but my heart belongs to Chipotle.

By Chloe: Hipster vegan place that is super close to campus and their „Mac&Cheese“(alternative) is sooo yummy!

Aureole: Last week was restaurant week in New York, which means that you could get a three course dinner at participating restaurants for $42. Which is – especially for NY a super good deal. I went to Aureole by Times Square. It was lovely, nice food, friendly service – and I feel like a horrible snob when writing that – considering they have a Michelin Star – it could have been a little more innovative…


Fresh & co: I went there to write an article about their Mac&Cheese and what can I say – here is the article.


Just Salad: Not just did the city have a restaurant week, NYU had one, too. Which meant $2 bowls and salads from just salad on a Friday afternoon. After surviving the line, I have to admit: it was worth it!

Fun Fact: I also started going to the gym this week… ;)

Culture Shock: A Friday night in New York City, finally 21 – what are you gonna do? Go out? That’s what we thought when texting a promoter about the evening (promoters here take girls into clubs for free). We ended up at phd rooftop terrace in Midtown. Four girls along with many more girls competing on the shortest outfit possible and quite an array of younger and not so young guys who had paid half a fortune to get into the place and were now ready for entertainment. It was exactly as it sounds. Free drinks for the girls, „Sit here, that is our table“, „Go on the terrace, we are going to take a picture“, „Hey, I am xxx where are you from?“, „You look like you are/do…“, „What brings you here?“ (if only I knew an answer to that). We didn’t stay long. After the amusement of this absurd situation had gone, there was just a bittersweet question left: How do these places exist and are totally normal in a time of #metoo and #timesup movements everywhere? Just for some free drinks? We went to a nearby bar afterwards. Buying our own overpriced drinks. Feeling empowered, I guess…

What’s To Come:

  • A weekend stroll to Brooklyn
  • My attempt to get back into ballet
  • more papers and assignments
  • New York Fashion Week


Can’t wait? Me neither! However, I don’t want to break another promise about when I’ll get back to you. Let’s just say soon for now, Franzi

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