Franzi Never Sleeps – The New York Diaries – Week 1

Aaand.. I’m back. Admittedly, later than I said and expected, but that also means that lots of exciting things got in the way and I can’t wait to tell you all about them.

Also, as you can probably tell by now, I have switched to English, just because I got so used to writing in English these past two weeks and I feel like a lot of the things I experience here HAPPEN in English so that is the language they should be told in. However, no guarantee that I won’t go back to German in a few weeks. ;)

But now, let’s get right to it: How is it? How is New York? How is New York treating you so far? Question I got over the past weeks, no idea how many times exactly. The short answer: supercalifragilisticexpialigocious. A little more detail? I am super happy here and just burst out smiling as soon as I leave the house (which is by the way a dorm right by Union Square!).

And these are a few of the things that made me extra happy and I would love to share with you from January, 19-26 (aka Week 1):

Café Discoveries: This category might seem a little random, but it concerns one of my goals, while I am here – find the best coffeeshops to study/work in NYC. Why? As I am here as a student as well as working for an online magazine in Berlin and the NYU newspaper, I spend quite a lot of time reading, writing and SEO-optimizing in front of a screen. Of course, I could do that in my dorm or at a library. Or I could take the opportunity and combine my work with exploring the city. I obviously chose the latter. And here are two of my favorite picks so far!

Think Coffee, 248 Mercer St: Perfect place to sip coffee, eat a bagel and study/work. I spent a Sunday morning turning into afternoon there and it was the perfect cozy work atmosphere!


Playa Bowls, not necessarily a place I would work in, but if you need a pick me up during endless hours in front of your computer or after a yoga session (which is what I did), their acai bowls are totally delicious and I am super excited to go there in spring and take my bowl to Washington Square Park for people watching, eating and (maybe) reading for one of my classes.

Sights Seen: While I enjoy being here not as a tourist, but actually living in the city, there are of course some sights and to dos on my list that are waiting to be checked off. These are the ones I managed to do during my first week:

Museum of the City of New York: Free to go with an NYU ID (feel like you will have to hear that a lot), so of course I had to check it out – and was really suprised by how big, modern and interesting it was! Big recommendation!

UN Headquarters: The tour was also offered by NYU and came with quite the surprise moment (read on…)


Museum of Modern Art: I don’t have classes on Fridays, so I spent my first Friday not only on a UN tour, but also in MoMa, checking out their fashion exhibit for an assignment for class. If I hadn’t already known, the simplicity of things like these would have showed me why I LOVE living in NY.

Best/Most Surprising Moment: Ok, here comes the UN surprise. So, we were on our tour, which was already super interesting. Suddenly, this very elegant man comes in, introduces himself as an assistant to the President of the UN General Assembly and tells us that the president would like to meet us at his office to say hello. ???? Is this actually happening? And through almost secret hallways we went to an #officegoals space to meet the super polite and welcoming President of the UN General Assembly.


NYU Life: The previous part might have given it away, so far I absolutely adore being a student at NYU. Not only are most of my classes really interesting (although they come with a huge workload, more about that in week 2), there is just so much to do around classes. Whether it is all the free food events, museum trips, yoga lessons, clubs from newspapers to ballet ensembles or my favorite spot ever: the Kimmel Study lounge.


More proof that I really love it? I don’t even mind living in a dorm and sharing my room. With the sweetest roommate, so that helps. And the fact that my dorm is right on Union Square. In Manhattan. Which is where I live now… (maybe this sentence should be part of the best surprising moments).

Letters from Home: Of course, my favorite people back in Germany are always with me as well, so lots of love to them here! Whether it is working alongside each other on Skype at all hours, talking to my mum for her birthday or planning the most wonderful spring break there will ever be – so happy to have you!!

Indulgences: Even though I left the title of this category open for it to be whatever I want it to, this will mainly be about food. Food in New York – expensive, but sooo much variety and sooo good! These are the places I went out to this week. Too many, I know. But it’s the first week, so I had to enjoy it!

Il Punto – fancy Italian and lovely pasta <3

Ippudo Ramen – I never really had Ramen before, but this was worth the wait!

Shake Shack – welcome to America: cheese fries and a concrete at Shake Shack. Simply the best!

Panera Bread – dangerously close to my dorm, but if you survived a 3 hr class until 9pm, you should be allowed to treat yourself!

Sweetgreen – while I was walking home, determined to cook something, I noticed sweetgreen and walked out with the yummiest portobello pesto bowl. And it lasted me for two days, so it was actually an investment!

What’s To Come: As this post is a little late (planning to always publish one on Sunday, concerning the past week from Saturday to Friday), I can already give you a little glimpse into what I have been up to this week:

  • Restaurant Week in New York and at NYU
  • Getting Back to the Gym
  • First Papers Due
  • Mac & Cheese testing for an article
  • Going out in Manhattan

That’s it for now, I will be back on Sunday and hope you are having a fantastic weekend until then! xoxo (Ok, I admit, that was too cheesy) Franzi

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